Piss against the rain

Working, visiting friends, spending quality time, going for some beers after an afternoon of drinking tea and all this crap… just decisions… and after a while, finally you go home. The weather is odd, wind blowing in gusts, few drops of rain falling now and then but increasingly; anyway storm is about to come but you don’t know for sure and when.

You are alone on the street, now and then a car passes by, you keep heading home on foot, confident that you’ll get there dry.

You faced the decision early when your friend told you to get a cab and go home safely, now the only option is to call for one but you feel like the place of no return is passed so you assume you will be fine.

You talked home and you are told that it’s raining so that you are in no position to reject such an opinion, still you keep going on foot.

You keep telling yourself that if you made it this far you can reach home safely.

Suddenly all this becomes a game. You make calculations based on:

  • the weather forecast on your mobile phone;
  • opinions of others, chances that the person from home didn’t look out the window and just heard the wind and the few drops of rain;
  • time to get home, about 30 minutes and discounting;
  • if you call a cab it takes a few minutes and if it starts raining this instant you’ll still get wet;
  • you segment your way home into manageable distances (e.g. from this tree till the next intersection and so on); each step you take and each milestone reached becomes rewarding;
  • in parallel you plan for contingencies and ask yourself: WHAT IF?
  • if it started raining your leather jacket will protect you for a short while so you have to be close from home; your backpack will protect your laptop and tablet the same amount of time;

You start moving faster and faster but this isn’t an effort anymore, it becomes survival. You look around and see that you are alone when everyone is at home comfortably and cozy, but this just isn’t the life for you, because if it were you’ve gottent the cab in the first place; still you enjoy fighting, being alone and struggling. This is pleasure for you, although it could be much easier and faster (at some cost, but without the trouble).

You see some gravel and kick it. The gravel gets inside your shoes, and this bothers you. You stirred the shit and now it’s following you. Deal with it you think, but it’s there a constant reminder not to do it again. You cannot stop to clear it out, you’ll lose all the advantage you have in front of the rain.

You keep going and thinking that if this was business or a relationship, your dedication and devotion would mean something, and felt you’ve earned something and that you deserve it and in some sense you did. You need no audience, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone, you just have to do something based on faith, trusting your assumptions. There is no sacrifice and no real effort in following what you believe in. And you know that if you keep going you’ll get there.


  • Be judgmental; there’s always a cost when choosing the easiest solution; the hardest as well;
  • When everyone is going defensive or scared about the future, you have the option to be the one who keeps going;
  • When you stir the shit, it will follow you and draw you back;
  • Take risks; there is no guarantee that you reach destination as you planned, but you learn from failure and trying;
  • Listen to everyone, take into consideration and do it your way;
  • Learn from everything;
  • Be happy doing not necessarily succeeding;
  • Work hard;

Now… did it rain? It doesn’t really matter because the question is. Would you do it again? The answer should be YES because you can take all the metrics into account, listen to anyone, and make all the necessary calculations. In the end it’s all about leap of faith, hard work and little bit of luck.

Be ambitious and follow your dreams!


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